Why work for Domum?

Why work for Domum?
Here's a brief list of reasons

Opportunity, Stability, Security, Reliability, We're Involved, Strong Core Values, Flexibility, Integrity, Growth, Goals... if these sound good to you, read more.

Domum is a new company but it's mission is to support it's emoloyees growth. To do that can be difficult due to the wide veriety of people we employ. These range from part time highschool students to expeirenced full time career workers. To satisfy everyone and provide a great work environment is not easy but here is what we do to make it work. 

To begin, we will mention stability and security. Domum has had a history of dedication to it's employees, this mean's we don't abandon employees the second the waters turn red. We do our best to provide a stable employment oppurtunity that you can count on. We make sure there is a steady flow of work and allow our employees to be flexible with their hours.

By flexibility, integrity, reliability and involvement, we mean your job is not going to involve chaos. We're honest and upfront with our employees and we hold ourselves accountable for maintaining a safe, steady and honest work environment. We understand that life can be pretty crazy (our founder had heart surgery when he was 19, S happens) and we want to make sure work isn't part of that chaos. Let us know what's going on in your life, if you need our help or some time off then let us know and we will do our best to make it work.

If our strong core value's weren't clear yet, read the first part of this page.

Finally, oppurtunity, growth and goals. Domum is a new business, we're starting on the ground floor and going up. Way up. Our goal is to become a national brand and household name. We know this may sound a crazy or it's what everyone says when they first get started but think about it this way. Our founder started a business at 13 years old, by the time it was 17 he had grown it into a 40 person, 300 client operation and that was all under the table. With an established business and full licensing, the sky is the limit. What this means to you is oppurtunity. If you're looking for a career with growth than you've found one. The people that help a company grow, grow with it.