Who we are

Who we are
We're all about our employees

We we're founded on the idea that students should be able to put themselves through school, Veteran's should have a healthy career after service and employers should be honest, loyal and fair to their employees.

Domum is built on the success of our founders former business, who started his first business when he was 13. Originally a few junior high friends with rakes and spades, the business started to grow quickly and by the time our founder turned 17 it had turned into a 40 employee and 300+ client operation. Originally there was no specific mission but as we grew, we realized that there was a need for flexible student employment that paid significantly more than minimum wage since there was absolutely no way a student could "put themselves through college". So we started to fill that gap and we employed over 40 students from three high schools and two colleges. We pride ourselves on helping our workers develop skills, build their resumes and save for school.
If an average student wanted to pay for a year of tuition on a minimum wage job with the money they earn over the summer, they would have to work 15 hours a day, seven days a week for three months. At Domum our average employee would only work eight hours a day on weekdays and be able to take at least a weeks vacation and still pay for the same education. This also means that if they continue part time during the year they can feed themselves and even rent an apartment with some other students. Crazy right?
This however is not where Domum stops. We pride ourselves on being American and we're proud of our brave men and women who have served their country. In order to show our appreciation we're offering the opportunity to start a meaningful career to veterans looking for work. We also offer discounts to veterans and military families. If you happen to be a veteran or active duty member, we would like to thank you for your service.