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Landscaping and Painting have about a 450% return on investment compared to 105% for remodeling

That's right. In some cases just pressure washing a home can add $10,000 to it's value and improve its curb appeal. We've become experts on how to increase your homes value and we would be happy to help you implement an effective home improvement plan.


Domum is built on the success of our founder’s former business. When our founder was 13 he started a small business doing gardening and odd jobs. Originally it was just a few junior high friends with rakes and spades, but the business started to grow quickly and by the time our founder turned 17, it had become a 40 employee business with over 100 clients a month. Originally there was no specific mission but as we grew, we realized that there was a need for flexible student employment that paid more than minimum wage since there was absolutely no way a student could "put themselves through college". So we started to fill that gap and we employed dozens of students from three high schools and two colleges. We pride ourselves on helping our workers develop skills, build their resumes and save for school. As we grow, we reach out to more and more schools in the hopes of changing lives.

By changing lives, we mean, if an average student wanted to pay for a year of tuition over the summer with a minimum wage job, they would have to work 15 hours a day, seven days a week. At Domum our average employee would only have to work normal eight hour days with weekends off and they would still be able to take at least a week’s vacation. They'll still pay for the same education. If they continue part-time during the year they can feed themselves and even rent an apartment with some other students. What a crazy idea, right?

This, however, is not where Domum stops. We pride ourselves on being American and we're proud of our brave men and women who have served their country. In order to show our appreciation, we actively seek out veterans in the hopes of providing a meaningful career that allows them to thrive and support their family. Domum partners with several military recruiting and support networks such as Marine for Life, Citizen Soldier for Life, Army/National guard career services, American Jobs Center, HireVets Medallion program and many more. We also offer discounts to veterans, spouses and military families. If you happen to be a veteran or active duty member, we would like to thank you for your service.

Domum's goal is to become a national brand that can have the honor of supporting students and veterans from coast to coast, all while making homes across America beautiful.

If you've read all the way through this then you may be interested to know that we also offer discounts to single mothers, our honored citizens aged 70+, first time homeowners and new families because we love making life happier with a beautiful home and garden that you can relax, enjoy and live in.

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